Wednesday, 30 September 2009


If I had of been sent to Jerusalem to build crucifix's Jesus would probably have died of old age.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Hollywood Boulevard

brolley / umbrella
braces / suspenders
suspenders / garters
tights / pantyhose
knickers / underpants
trousers / pants, slacks
pants / underwear
jumper / sweater w/o buttons
wellies / rubber boots
swimming costume / bathing suit
dressing gown / bathrobe
dungarees / overalls
overalls / coverall
fringe / bangs
hair slide / barrette
tank top / sleeveless sweater
vest top / tank top
vest / sleeveless undershirt
waistcoat / vest
mackintosh / raincoat
handbag / purse, pocketbook
purse / wallet
badge / pin
popsocks / knee-highs
clothespeg / clothespin
tumble dryer / (clothes)dryer
cotton / thread
trainers / tennis shoes, sneakers
nail varnish / nail polish

and the light switches are the wrong way round to.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Meet Cilla Zack

Every Wednesday night the Stags Head (55 Orsman Road) plays host to an inspired event called Blind Drunk Date, hosted by Cilla Zack (real name, Zack. it was meant to be!). The game is remarkably similar to the TV show I remember from my youth. There's the mysterious Graeme, the cheesy title sequences, and even a screened video of last weeks winning couple on their date, which from what I could tell was basically the two of them getting drunk for free in the beer garden.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Sea Mistress

Ain't she beautiful!

Burslem - A Town That Time Forgot

I've just spent my weekend in Stoke-on-Trent. I was staying on my girlfriends barge, the Sea Mistress, which is currently being pimped up and resides in dry docks 1 mile outside of Tunstal (birthplace of Robbie Williams) and 1/2 mile away from Burslem. These are strange places. There's little or no up-keep happening here. Most of the pub's are boarded up, the street signs are either missing or falling off and a lonely Woolworth's sits empty, appearing not to have been touched since it's closure 9 months ago. I met twins Mick and Morris at the Middleport Environment Centre Recycling Shop, who were happy to have their photograph taken. They gave me a giant rainbow pencil. They told me most of the shop windows have been replaced with perspex because 'youths keep kicking them in'. A fairly typical small midland town.
These photo's are the first installment from a new project called 'Towns Time Forgot'

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Rhythms Of Life

For the past week I've been helping out at a charity shop/soup kitchen in Dalston. I work in the shop during the day then at 4pm I go to collect all the un-sold sandwiches from Pret, eat a few, then take them back to the shop. Then we make huge pots of tea and serve it with a slice of cake, donated from an EAT shop. Everyone gets 2 sandwiches a night and also a bowl of soup. It's a fairly rank brew that I have only dared to eat once. They asked me to cook but I said that I didn't have it in me to make anything nearly that foul.

Jobless Enthusiasm

For anybody looking at this BLOG I apologise for my recent displays of neglect. Having just returned from a two month adventure in the US of A, I now find myself joyfully jobless, revelling in free time. I've now been back for almost two weeks and I've still not been food shopping. Helping out on various projects, like feeding the homeless and building rooms for you me bum bum train I've managed to be fed every single day for free. New adventures in hobo. The YMBBT event is top secret so i can only show you this picture for now....

and I'll try to get some snaps at the Soup Kitchen I'm helping out at tonight...