Monday, 15 November 2010

Everything We Touch

I've been helping me good friend Maxwell compile images for the first edition of his book-like brain child - Everything We Touch - a humble A4 sized photo-zine containing works by 12 photographers. We're hopefully going to start printing this at the weekend using our new toy, OUR VERY OWN PHOTOCOPIER MACHINE! Maxwell works for a graphic design company who have just moved offices, and what did they find inside the new premises but a huge old school photocopier. It was meant to be!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

HELLO Meteorologie!

I left wee Lisa alone on a sunny step while I went galavanting with me image widget. The steps led to Essaouira's Meteorological Centre. While I was gone the technician inside came out and began feeding a lame seagull sardines. Upon my return I was introduced to Mustapha, the resident technician and injured sea bird sympathiser. He led us inside his castle and urged us to sit down in a sun spot inside his office. He left the room and a few seconds later we saw him getting into a taxi. A little wave left his arm and he was off. I had no idea where he was going or even what the hell we were doing there but I seized the opportunity to run to the roof and snap a few snaps....

...When I returned from the roof Mustapha was waiting in his office with a coy smile and a bottle of Vodka. It was 8.30am.
We sat drinking straight Vod and smoking cigarettes, communicating in fractured french, exhausted english and spastic spanish.

He was one of the nicest guys we met in Morocco. Much nicer than the 3guys who mugged us with an iron bar and a rusty machete 5hrs before our flight home. I'll relay that tale sometime soon, but as you can imagine there'll be no photos to accompany it. Especially as they stole 2of my god damn cameras! aarrrggghhhh to be Chuck Norris....