Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Hackney Riots

8pm Clarence Rd, Hackney 8th August Rd.

7am Clarence Rd.

I counted 10burnt out cars on and around Clarence Rd this morning, the centre of Hackneys troubles last night. It was lively as hell round my area till about 11ish then it seemed to quiet down, with the exception of this road which burnt into the morning. My friend road through there about midnight and saw 2priests doing their bit but no police whatsoever. From what I saw all the anger was directed at the police, but the rage obviously turned to parked cars, bins and Footlocker later on. We walked around Dalston at midnight and just missed this action....Up the Turks!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Trouble in Tottenham

Just got back from Tottenham where only a few hours ago around 200-300hundred yoots were literally running riot. Parts of the High St. look like a war zone. I lost count of how many torched cars I saw. All the locals I talked to or overheard talking about it seemed totally shocked and dumbfounded as to why things got this violent. 'why?' being the word I heard most today. They also seemed angry at the police for taking to long to respond, with a few people telling me they saw shops and cars getting smashed up for a while with no police in sight.
When I took the shot of the torched car there was a guy filming it at the same time, turns out it was his car. He came out of his house last night and saw kids everywhere, some launching rocks and petrol bombs into his car. "what could I do?" he asked me.
From the state of the streets and the extent of the damage I can't believe there were no deaths. The reaper must have taken the night off or something.